10 Amusement Parks Worth a Long Drive

10AmusementParksWorthaLongDriveAmusement parks continue to be a popular summer destination for families across the country. Not everyone lives close to a large amusement park. Additionally, some are so large that they are built in open areas away from major cities. Ten amusement parks in the country are worth a long drive.

1. Walt Disney World

A trip to Lake Buena Vista in Florida is always worth the effort to visit Walt Disney World. This is one of the most popular amusement parks in the country. The park is like a small city and contains everything from rides and restaurants to shopping and parades. It is a family friendly location with fireworks throughout the year.

2. Knoebels Amusement Resort

This amusement park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, is unique because there is no gate admission although rides do have a cost. It is full of exciting rides for adults and children. It contains a massive pool with an artificial wave generator. Visitors can also play golf on the full-size 18-hole course or look at the bald eagles kept in a special habitat.

3. Hersheypark

Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a fun and exciting destination for families. The park has nearly a dozen roller coasters, a water park and a boardwalk. It also has large exotic gardens, a museum dedicated to chocolate and resort accommodations.

4. Cedar Point

This park in Sandusky in Ohio has some record-breaking and award-winning roller coasters. It also features a new outdoor dinosaur exhibit with life-sized dinosaurs. Visitors will find classic carnival rides like bumper cars and boats.

5. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

This Orlando, Florida, location has a number of rides and attractions that place visitors directly in the middle of some of the most popular movies ever made. The immersive experience is fun for children and adults. The rides also use some very advanced three-dimensional (3D) technology to add to the thrill.

6. Six Flags Magic Mountain

This amusement park is in Valencia, California. The family friendly park has 18 different roller coasters for thrill seekers. There are also less intense rides like carousels for children. Parades and live music occur regularly throughout the summer.

7. Schlitterbahn Water Park

This New Braunfels, Texas, park is focused mainly on water rides and entertainment. It has many slides, pools and other water activities. It also includes roller coasters, a beach for relaxing and private cabanas for families and groups.

8. King’s Island

King’s Island is in Mason, Ohio. This park features several roller coasters including one made from wood. It also contains an interactive dinosaur park that is fun and educational for children. There is a working steam railroad providing rides as well as a water park area.

9. Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is in Williamsburg, Virginia. The park is divided into different sections based on different cultures. It has an expansive water park, many family friendly rides and some unique dining options. It even contains some historical areas related to Virginia.

10. Luna Park

This is an urban amusement park in Brooklyn, New York at Coney Island. The new park has roller coasters, a boardwalk and many carnival rides. It also has carnival games, restaurants and some live events. Luna Park is only a short distance from Manhattan and the center of New York City.

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