10 Great Tricks For Solving Problems At The Campsite

Even the most experienced campers occasionally run into surprises. When something unexpected happens at the campsite, it pays to be prepared. Solve any problem with a few simple tricks.

#1: The Fire That Won’t Start

We’ve all been there. To solve this problem, try tossing in some orange peels. The oils are super flammable. No oranges? Vodka works wonders, but stand back.

#2: The Attack of the Mosquitoes

Repel mosquitoes by setting out leftover garlic and onion. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have them on hand, try the Original Listerine. You can also try rubbing the inside of orange peels on your skin to repel them and other insects.

#3: Wasp Problems

For a wasp sting, using an onion or garlic will soothe the bite. You can trap them by putting out a jar with holes that has jam smeared on the lid and some orange juice or soda inside. They’ll be able to fly in, but not out and will eventually drown. To lure them away from the campsite, fill an empty tub with sugar and water.

#4: Keeping Cold Food Cold

Fill an empty gallon milk jug with water and a cup of salt and freeze it. The salt and thick block of ice keeps it colder longer and it won’t melt all over food like ice cubes do.

#5: Keeping Dry Food Dry

If you’re using ice to keep cold foods cold, it’s easy for bread and other foods to get soggy if they’re all stored in the cooler. Place cooling racks used for cookies over the foods that need to stay cool, creating a shelf for your dry goods.

#6: Musty-Smelling Camping Gear

That musty scent tends to linger, but cat litter can help get rid of it. Put some in a cotton bag and add it to the gear to help relieve the scent.

#7: Unfriendly Ants

Does your site have an ants nest? Keep them away from you by surrounding the site with flour that’s mixed with cayenne pepper. Pour it on thickly to keep them away.

#8: Damp Camper or Tent

Charcoal briquettes suck the moisture out of the air. Simply place them in a container and remove them when they’re wet.

#9: Missing Socks

Toss all of your socks into a pillowcase, tie it closed and throw it in the wash. The socks will still get clean, but you’ll go home with all of them.

#10: Raccoons

Raccoons can get into almost anything. Keep them away by spraying ammonia over your trash and tying down the lid or using a collapsible trash can.

These camping tricks can help make for a more restful camping trip. Have fun!

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