20 Apps That Airstreamers Will Love

file0001440452984When RV camping or Airstreaming there are several Apps to consider having on your smartphone. Here are some to consider that will enhance your experience:

Mirror: Exactly what it’s called is a mirror that is activated off of the front facing lens of your phone’s camera. Mirror even offers a function that will make color corrections and has light filters to allow you to apply makeup or add a gel to your hair in low light settings.


Flashlight: How many times have you been camping and had to search around in the dark for a flashlight? (Ok, I had to stop for a minute and raise my own hand) Flashlight even has several effects that include a magnifying lens, an array of light colors and even themed lights such as holiday lights and Halloween lights.


First Aid: Includes advice and step-by-step guides on how to deal with a wide range of emergency situations. Of course, the App doesn’t replace getting First Aid training but can be used as a good refresher guide.


Tom Tom Navigator: offers a superb navigation system for almost anywhere in the world. You can also use it to take a photo of where you are and text or email it to a friend.


Yelp: for find any type of store, restaurant, food, and service available in your area. It will plug in your current location and give you the closest location of anything you’re looking for.


Kindle: Why pack a bunch of books that are going to take up space when you can read your Kindle books on your phone? Load up on books before you take off on your trip and you have a portable list of books to read at your fingertips. Check daily and weekly deals they offer on Kindle books.


Ebay: Keep track of all your online auctions why you’re away.


TheWeatherChannel: Has fast and accurate maps for local radar and severe weather bulletins for storms. They also offer road, satellite and hybrid views.


iHandy Level Free: Good for making sure the RV or Airstream is on level ground. This level is fully functional and very accurate once calibrated.


Spyglass – A Compass App: Lays a compass image over the image coming from your phone’s video camera which makes navigation easy. It also acts as a regular compass that when your phone is laid flat in the palm of your hand it is laid over Google Earth and locates your position.


Camping Manual: Is an excellent tool for those who haven’t camped before as well as experienced campers. It explains how to build a perfect campfire, set up camp and food you should pack. It also suggests destinations and activities.


Classic Camping Cookbook and Meal Planner: Helps you find the perfect meal for camping by food type, category and ingredients. It also can also put together an entire meal plan for your entire trip.


Cook Outdoors: Weber Grills: Has over 75 recipes that is delivered to your phone weekly as well as 60 guides, cooking tips and techniques.


GoSky Watch – Stargazing: Is the perfect tool for learning more about stars and constellations. It even links up with Wikipedia to give more detailed information on the stars and constellations you’re looking at.


Survival Guide: Explains survival techniques in difficult situations but can also help you appreciate nature and recreation.
Wild Edibles: Identifies edible plants found in the wild as well as plants that can be used for medicinal purposes.


Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder: Looking for a place to camp nearby? This App will locate the neared State or National Park from your current location. It also talks about local activities such as boating, hiking, bird watching and more.


What Knot to Do: Is by Columbia Sportswear and teaches you step-by-step how to tie over 70 different knots.


Trip Journal: Lets you track and document your camping trip as well as share it with friends and family. It has GPS tracking that lets you record and plot your trip and generates a map.


Keep Pests Away: Bug Spray – Ultrasonic: Emits a high frequency tone that repels insects.


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