Five Family Camping Games


A family camping trip strengthens bonds, creates memories, and soothes the soul. All you need to have the time of your life is your loved ones and the great outdoors. Some of the best memories you could make during your adventurous camping trip involve the games that liven things up. In order to get the most thrills out of your next family camping extravaganza, give these five games a try.


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Winter Camping with the Airstream Trailer

Camping during the winter can be fun, relaxing and worthwhile. An Airstream can make that trip even more enjoyable by providing you with all the luxuries of home while protecting you from the cold winter weather. An Airstream is a great way to camp during the winter and keep you cozy and warm while you experience the beauty of nature in the winter.

Winter camping can be a great alternative to camping during the rest of the year. There are many activities to do during winter camping that you cannot experience during summer, spring or fall. Ice fishing is one great activity for winter camping. Because the ice needs to be thick enough to support all the necessary weight, it is a good idea to research ice fishing areas before your trip.

A great activity for adults and kids is sledding. Choose a camping location near hills and bring your sled for great family fun. If cross-country skiing sounds fun, choose a location covered with snow. It is a great way to exercise and see the beautiful snow-covered nature around your campground. If you do decide to venture out and do some winter camping in your Airstream here are a few tips for you.

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Let’s Get Ready to Decoraaaaaaaate!


Christmas Decerations | Airstream

It’s the fight of the season, folks. In the red corner we have the Smiths with a pile of holiday decorations, weighing in at…well…they didn’t want to say. And in the green corner we have an Airstream Classic travel trailer, coming in at over two tons. Let’s get ready to decoraaaaaaaate!

Round One
The Smiths come out swinging with interior decorations. First, it’s a one-two punch of pre-lit garlands and a small tree that they easily unpacked from storage. The Airstream’s fighting back with space constraints, but the Smiths elevate the tree with a plant stand and BAM, floor space is restored. Mrs. Smith hits the tiny tree with a left, a right, then two more quick lefts: she’s hung several mini-Airstream ornaments from its branches. The trailer interior is going down. Mr. Smith staggers, but comes back strong and wraps up the round with a body blow: a holiday throw rug that looks incredibly festive but takes up no floor space at all! This round goes to the Smiths.

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Winterizing Your Airstream

With the arrival of colder weather, it’s time to winterize your Airstream travel trailer. Winterizing isn’t difficult, and since it helps Airstream owners avoid repair bills and gets the Airstream ready for spring. It’s a good idea to go through these steps every fall.

Perhaps the most important step is the one that protects the Airstream’s water system. The fresh water tank and the hot water heater will both need to be drained. In addition, the gray and black holding tanks will need to be flushed. While the water is draining, open up all of the Airstream’s faucets, not forgetting the valves on the toilet and shower. When all of the water has drained, it’s time to shut down the faucets and replace any caps that have been removed.

A winterizing project is also a great time to clean out the Airstream’s interior. Start by locating any items in the cupboards, cabinets and other hidey holes that might suffer from being left out in the cold. View full post…

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