Airstream Direct – An Online Airstream Adventure

Airstream DirectAlumapalooza? Hello Kitty? What in the world is this all about? When you open the Airstream Direct website you never know what you are going to find. It is kind of like the folks who live the Airstream lifestyle – unpredictable. Airstream Direct is the online newspaper for people who love their Airstream and enjoy the Airstream lifestyle. Just like a newspaper, you will find articles that fit into all of these sections.

The News
The Airstream News is all about happy stuff, like the new Airstream products, and how to take care of your Airstream so you will enjoy it for decades. Learn about all the good things that the Airstream Company is doing to raise money for charity and giving back to the world.

The Funny papers
Honest to goodness, Airstream Direct even has a humor section. Since Airstream is all about traveling and having fun, how could they not have a humor section? Read all about fun and funny things happening at Airstream and in Airstreams. View full post…

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Mark Your Calendars for Alumaflamingo 2014!!!


Airstream Life presents a celebration of epic proportions for Airstream owners, would-be owners, and diehard Airstream fans. Alumaflamingo is set to replace the Florida State Rally, which was the second largest Airstream event in the world. After the WBCCI voted to disband it in 2013, R&B Events decided to fill the gap and put on Alumaflamingo in the same location. It is not a WBCCI official event, but Alumaflamingo combines the best parts of a rally with enlightening seminars, festival-like entertainment, and campground companionship. View full post…

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The Airstream International Sterling: An Innovative Icon?

63e066b99c42270a418541308ac82f49Airstream’s great claim to fame is found in their aluminum chassis. Both unique construction techniques and the distinctive finished product put their travel trailers on the map as an American cultural icon. For many of Airstream’s more modern travel trailer lines, less is more when it comes to interior decor. The International Sterling for example, inverts the traditional Airstream look in the interior design by making use of their already famous aluminum styling. View full post…

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Taking our Airstream Interstate To Ohio To Visit Friends

TravelinginOhioAbout six months ago, my wife and I decided to meet some friends in Cleveland, Ohio and watch a Cleveland Indians baseball game. Although we live in Louisville, Kentucky, I had never been in Cleveland, let alone Ohio, with the exception of going to a few Cincinnati Reds baseball games. We packed our Airstream Interstate early in the morning and dropped off our kids at our in-laws house. It was nice to know as we pulled out of the in-law’s driveway, that my wife and I would not have to be worried about finding a place to stay for the night, since the bench seat pulls out to make a bed. All we had to do was find a rest area for the night. View full post…

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