Airstream’s Environmental Efficiency Part 1: Water Usage

AirstreamCERTIFIEDGreenMotor homes aren’t usually associated with environmental friendliness. The first thing that comes to mind is their poor gas mileage. It’s definitely true that moving all that weight is going to eat up fuel. What’s not as immediately obvious is that because of its size, relative to a stationary house, this living arrangement consumes a lot less of everything else. Water is one thing it’s particularly easy on. The fact that there’s no permanent land around it removes one big source of water consumption. View full post…

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Newbies Guide to Airstreaming

newBOOKThe joys of owning an Airstream travel trailer can only truly be appreciated after you’ve owned an Airstream for a while. It takes some time to learn everything that the travel trailer can do for you on your road trips and vacations. People that have lived the Airstream lifestyle covet their trailers as part of their identity. They know that their leisure activities on the road would not be nearly as fun and convenient without their trusty Airstream. Investing in a luxury travel trailer is one of the best decisions most people ever make, and they’ll tell you that with their own mouths.

If you’ve never owned your own Airstream before, it can be confusing for you to learn how to use it to your complete advantage. There aren’t meant to be any surprises. The new book titled, “The Newbies Guide Airstreaming” is packed with useful tips, knowledge, diagrams, illustrations, and more to jump start your Airstream experience today. These tips and directions have been compiled based on user data and feedback on how they quickly and easily learned to make the Airstream work for them. It won’t be long until you and your families are completely comfortable with the Airstream in every way. View full post…

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10 Amusement Parks Worth a Long Drive

10AmusementParksWorthaLongDriveAmusement parks continue to be a popular summer destination for families across the country. Not everyone lives close to a large amusement park. Additionally, some are so large that they are built in open areas away from major cities. Ten amusement parks in the country are worth a long drive. View full post…

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Geocaching For Wally Byam and Airstream travel trailer

GeocachingInAnAirstreamCamping is fun. Airstream travel trailers are fun. Geocaching is fun. Guess what, put them all together and you get an amazing amount of fun.

Consider the geocache prize known simply as “Where’s Wally?” It is a geocache stash based around the inventor of the Aristream, Wally Byam, whose motto was “Do more, see more, live more.” How appropriate for the sport of geocache where you explore, locate and capture valuable collectibles and patches. View full post…
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