5 Celebrity Airstreamers To Follow


Have you ever wondered which celebrities own one of these iconic travel trailers? Do they actually travel in them or is it just one more toy that they can add to their collections? Well, I love hearing about how people use their Airstream travel trailers and how they came about owning one. Here is a list of 5 celebrity Airstream owners and a little bit about their trailer.

Matthew McConaughey actually owns 3 Airstreams: an Ocean Breeze model, a refurbished 1958 Classic, and a 2010 “Timeless” version that has been customized to his liking. He actually lived in his Ocean Breeze in 2008!

Kate Pierson of the B-52’s must have been feelin’ the love after she bought her first Airstream. The singer bought several more and opened an all-Airstream hotel near Joshua Tree National Park. Each trailer is decorated with memorabilia from the rock group and each has a name such as Lave, Tiki, and Plate Air. It’s a little ol’ place where 6 Airstreams have been put together.

Brad Pitt owns a Vintage 345 model Airstream and has named it the “Luv Sub”. In 2005, after separating from then-wife Jennifer Anniston, he lived in his Airstream. Not much “luv” happening in that sub.

Colin Ferrell owns a Classic Airstream travel trailer that he uses as his on-set trailer while shooting in the U.S. I’m sure it is easy to relax in between scenes in his fully equipped Airstream.

Sandra Bullock traded her Airstreamesque motorcycle sidecar that then-husband Jesse James built for her, for a traditional Airstream trailer. Definitely seems much more practical!

How did you acquire your Airstream? Do you use it for travel or some other reason? Does your Airstream travel trailer have a name? We would love to hear your stories! Please share with us on our Facebook page!



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