A Mobile Airstream Kitchen: Seattle’s “Skillet” Well Known Among Tourists

Skillet Food Truck

Eating at Seattle’s Skillet Restaurant, where food has been cooked in a mobile Airstream kitchen, provides a memorably delectable experience. Aficionados of true comfort food find like-minded connoisseurs of comfort-inducing cuisine when dining at the Skillet. This vintage Airstream is also a chef’s kitchen showcasing his supreme culinary imagination and skills.

Signature Food Prepared Creatively

The Skillet’s signature dishes include juicy burgers with unique bacon jam, giving them a truly outdoorsy, cooked over a campfire feel. Those who love this burger cannot get enough or stop waxing poetically about its extraordinary blend of taste sensations. This version of Seattle’s street food experience blows one’s typical ideas of street food off the map.

A person may think that ordering food from an Airstream restaurant, a place where costs are low due to needing fewer employees and having less overhead, would result in a sub-par food experience. They would be mistaken. Those who have tried the food from Skillet cannot stop praising its delicious qualities, for reasonable prices. The creativity of Chef Josh Henderson has been touted as among the best of any Chefs in any restaurant genre.

The Magical Mystery Of PoutineĀ 

Another excellent offering is the Canadian cold weather staple called fries with poutine. Found mostly in Montreal and Quebec, and in this case, in Canadian bordering Washington State, poutine is best when it’s made with fresh french fries. They are fried in lard, then topped with fresh cheese curds made from white cheddar cheese and brown seasoned gravy. Revelers claim that it creates a comfort food sensation when it’s made just right.

According to those who have eaten fries with poutine from Skillet, they got it just right. Eating this, combined with a juicy burger, is often touted as the next best thing to heaven on earth. That comes from those who also enjoy the ambiance and vintage feel of ordering and eating food in an Airstream trailer. The incredible 1962 retro Airstream used as the magical kitchen for Skillet keeps people coming back.

More Than Burgers And FriesĀ 

Food served in the Skillet Airstream restaurant includes other creative fare like pork belly on a cornmeal waffle with fried egg, with syrup adding sweetness. It has been said that the steak and blue cheese scrambled eggs are divine. The fried chicken with its crispy, spicy crunchiness, served with mashed potatoes, creates a sense of pure amazement.

Hearkening back to simpler times, the incredible Airstream trailer may be what draws people to the Skillet originally, but the outstanding skill and creativity of Chef Josh Henderson keeps them loyal to the Skillet. The deliciousness of the food and the wish for repeated glorious gastronomical experiences keeps diners coming back for more.

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