Airstream an American Icon

Airstream is the name of an American icon in the RV business. These gorgeous aluminum Airstream trailers have been in production since the 1940s. The original design was developed by Wally Byam, a pioneer in the trailer business who built his trailers for comfort, convenience and aerodynamics. Way ahead of his time Byam wanted to make the Airstream trailer phenomenon a way of life for owners, so he created a club to organize caravans of trailers traveling together. The RV’ers would camp together parking their trailers in large concentric circles that created quite a spectacle for those lucky enough to be there.

The trailers became more popular in the 1950s and 60s as they could be pulled to your destination with a family car. By the time the 60s were over, Wally Byam was gone and the company sold out to Beatrice Foods.
Today Airstreams are produced at the same plant in Ohio that has handled production for at over 50 years. Many of the employees have been there and worked on the construction and design elements for almost that long too.
The design of the trailer is based on aircraft construction, with a solidly built steel base frame and aluminum framed sides that lead up to the domed roofline. The trailer body panels are riveted in a special method that provides strength and durability while the trailer rolls down the highways. The aluminum body is light and makes the trailer easier to tow.
Since these trailers have retained the basic shape and exterior design made popular with the earliest models, it is hard for most viewers to tell what year model they are. This RV shares a timeless and never aging design that has held up both in image and value throughout the many years. In fact a large percentage of Airstreams built are still on the road today, as hobbyists and aficionados maintain and restore the old ones to keep them alive and in use. The newer models have totally modern conveniences, fabulous interior designs and options that belie the fact that the shell design is more than 60 years old.
Hollywood and advertising companies have caught on to the popularity of these aluminum trailers and there are many movies, TV shows and commercials with them as a focal point.
Airstream is destined to be around for a long time to come, and so is the dealer where you can find yours, Dave Abogast RV Depot. The dealer that provides the service and support that the present and future owners of such an American icon trailer deserve and receive.

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