Airstream and the Mobile Kitchen Trend

crepes69Airstream is a highly popular brand of RV that is known for its sleek, aerodynamic design. These models largely have a distinctive, metallic appearance, and they have been seen cruising the streets in the United States and beyond for several decades. In fact, the brand was among the first that was mass produced in the United States, and because of this, the metallic look is highly recognizable and inspires a sense of nostalgia. While these RVs are highly popular due to their distinctive look, functional features and comfortable amenities, the fact is that they are now being increasingly used for other purposes besides personal recreational use.

The Mobile Kitchen Trend

One of the most innovative trends associated with sleek Airstream RV models is to use them as a mobile kitchen. When used as a mobile kitchen, these units essentially provide individuals with the ability to run a small restaurant from almost any location where they can park their RV. For example, Annaleigha Harris runs Crepe Brewers from her Airstream in Oklahoma City. Some will use their RV to travel between festivals, carnivals and other special events to serve customers periodically rather than on a full-time basis. This is just one of dozens of mobile kitchen restaurants that are now serving customers across the country and beyond. Many aspiring restaurateurs are making the decision to use an Airstream RV for a number of reasons. This is a budget-minded option to consider as opposed to opening a brick-and-mortar facility, and many individuals also enjoy the flexible work hours and convenience of using their RV for seasonal or part-time work purposes.

The Challenges With Using an Airstream for Commercial Purposes

As beneficial as it can be to open a mobile kitchen out of an Airstream RV, it is important to note that there are some drawbacks and challenges associated with using an Airstream for a mobile kitchen business. These drawbacks may make a mobile kitchen a less desirable option for some individuals to pursue. For example, customers may not always know where the Airstream mobile kitchen is located because of its ability to move. This can make it challenging for restaurateurs to establish a regular customer base. Furthermore, spatial constraints in the kitchen can limit the number of patrons that can be served by the mobile kitchen. While these challenges can create limitations that may not appeal to restaurateurs, the fact is that the benefits associated with a mobile kitchen may outweigh the downsides for many.

Those who are considering opening a restaurant and are looking for a cost-effective solution may consider the benefits associated with a mobile kitchen in an Airstream. Opening a restaurant in a brick-and-mortar building can be financially burdensome and requires the restaurateur to commit fully to the business with regular, established work hours and even by hiring employees. A mobile kitchen may be a solution that helps many aspiring restaurateurs to achieve their goals because it decreases the challenges and drawbacks related to opening a traditional restaurant business.

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