Airstream Autobahn

autobahn-page-1For comfort and luxury, the new Airstream Autobahn is the ultimate choice. This is a conversion van like no other. First, it is a marriage between Airstream, the long-time king of trend-setting campers, and Mercedes-Benz, the long-time luxury brand. Second, the Autobahn simply has more space and more functions than rivals. This eight-seat van closely mirrors the atmosphere and luxury of a private jet.

Airstream’s silver bullets have always been known for innovative design, and Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to luxury. United in the Autobahn, the two combine their heritages to great effect. Consumers will find the interior is sleek and sophisticated. Furnishings, such as the leather seating and wood trim, are hand-crafted. Ultra-leather comes in black with matching ebony trim or oyster with an ivory trim.

Powered seats take on a new meaning in the Autobahn. Each passenger can operate a powered footrest for greater comfort. Each passenger can also power-heat their seat. Window shades are power-operated individually or from a central control. Of course, the side door is power-sliding as well. Each position offers maximum headroom, legroom and hiproom. Since the seats are arranged theater style, passengers can enjoy excellent views of the road and of the on-board entertainment system.

The Smart Control System by Airstream offers a centralized way for the driver to control the lights, shades, HVAC and entertainment systems. The driver can continue this control via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. On-board entertainment includes a stereo with Pandora capability. A 120-volt power outlet and USB ports are standard.

The Autobahn has a 32-inch LCD television that can play Blu-Ray discs or tune into Apple TV. The luxury van also comes with a pair of refrigerators. A workspace offers a useful desk. Tinted windows keep out the glare and offer true privacy.

The Airstream Autobahn is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 platform, similar to the successful Airstream Interstate. The turbo diesel engine produces a remarkable 325 lb-ft of torque for real highway prowess. Since it is a Mercedes-Benz, the Autobahn comes with advanced crash prevention technologies. These include blind zone notification, lane stray notification and forward collision alerts.

Poised to meet the highest expectations of the luxury-oriented consumer, the Airstream Autobahn issues a welcome invitation.

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