Airstream Direct – An Online Airstream Adventure

Airstream DirectAlumapalooza? Hello Kitty? What in the world is this all about? When you open the Airstream Direct website you never know what you are going to find. It is kind of like the folks who live the Airstream lifestyle – unpredictable. Airstream Direct is the online newspaper for people who love their Airstream and enjoy the Airstream lifestyle. Just like a newspaper, you will find articles that fit into all of these sections.

The News
The Airstream News is all about happy stuff, like the new Airstream products, and how to take care of your Airstream so you will enjoy it for decades. Learn about all the good things that the Airstream Company is doing to raise money for charity and giving back to the world.

The Funny papers
Honest to goodness, Airstream Direct even has a humor section. Since Airstream is all about traveling and having fun, how could they not have a humor section? Read all about fun and funny things happening at Airstream and in Airstreams.

The Travel Section
Read about where people go with their Airstreams. You can get some good ideas for trips you’d like to make. Find out where the best places are for camping in your Airstream and which RV parks you will enjoy the most. Read about long trips and short trips and ways to get the most fun out of your Airstream. Learn about Airstream-sponsored events and rallies. Plan to meet up with your Airstream friends and family.

The Sports Section
Airstream has a model called “The Sport”. When I opened this section, I hoped to find an article about great fly-fishing spots where you can take your Airstream. Oh well, I guess that article hasn’t been written yet.

The Home and Lifestyle Section
Life in an Airstream is all about having your home with you no matter where you go. Enjoy every minute of being on the road with all the comforts of home. Learn about cooking in your Airstream and pick up some great camping recipe ideas.

The Classifieds
Here you will find ads and coupons for the products you want and need to support your way of life on the road.

Now there is an online newspaper to keep you in touch and in the know as you live your Airstream lifestyle. No matter where you and your Airstream are or where you are going, the Airstream News will keep you informed and help you keep having fun.

Stay Tuned!!!

Look forward to Airstream Direct’s on-site coverage of Alumapalooza, you get interviews, photos, and more next week on Airstream Direct.

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