Airstream International: Difference between the Signature and Serenity

Airstream International SerenityorsignatureBoth the Airstream International Signature and Serenity Series offer travelers the unique shape, design and construction that make these aluminum clad travel trailers one of the most well known in the industry. Yet each of these beautiful models provides owners with a sense of luxuriousness and style that are exclusive to the individual series.

Although both the Signature and the Serenity Series have many things in common, one of the most significant differences is in their unique interior styling. The Signature Series décor is designed to provide its occupants with a stunning visual effect from the amount of light reflected from its many polished aluminum and laminate surfaces beautifully mimicking the exterior of the travel trailer. The fabric and color options are modern complimenting the sleek look and uncluttered design of the interior. The interior décor of the Serenity Series, however, is built to provide its occupants with an atmosphere that is both tranquil and soothing. The color options and surfaces provide a Zen-like feeling made to calm the spirit, relax the mind and sooth the body. Examples of the tasteful combination of eastern and western styling elements include rice paper and lemongrass accents, textured countertops and flooring inspired by bamboo.

Comparing the design features and colors of the two styles of travel trailers include the colors of the main fabric, accent fabrics, countertops, flooring, main laminate, bedspread and drapes. The color choices of the Signature Series are based on a modern color palette that include:

•             Cilantro

•             Yellowstone

•             Paprika

•             Taupe Ultra leather

The color choices offered for the Serenity Series are in a more soothing color palette with subdued tones and include:

•             Mint Green

•             Soy Brown

•             Taupe Ultra leather

Even though both styles offer the taupe ultra leather color option as a main fabric color, the complimenting accent fabrics, countertops, flooring, main laminate, bedspread and drapes are different.

The Airstream International Signature and Serenity Series both offer a number of different size travel trailers ranging from 16 to 30 feet in length. Depending on the specific floor plan chosen, the sleeping accommodations are available for two to six people. All of the trailer size options and sleeping capacity floor plans are available in both the Serenity and Signature Series.

Whether you prefer the modernistic style of the Signature Series with its upscale sophistication and sleek contemporary design or the Asian inspired Serenity Series with its minimalistic design elegance and overall calming feeling, both provide the structural integrity and aerodynamic design made famous by Airstream.

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