Airstream Maintains Gold-Level Green Certification

CertifiedGreenAirstreamFamilies and retirees purchase recreation vehicles to save costs on motels and other traveling expenses. Having an RV means you no longer have to find a different place to stay every night. Instead, you pack up the RV with food, clothes and personal items and have them with you during your vacation or other travels. Instead of a strange place each night, you are in your own space that goes with you wherever you travel.

Many times, travel may take owners of RVs to a beach with rolling waves or to see the wonders of majestic mountains. RV travel opens up the wonders of the nations natural wonders. Airstream realized the dichotomy of viewing natural wonders in a recreation vehicle that was anything but environmentally friendly and decided to change that picture. Airstream decided to make their vehicles “green.”

To receive the highly coveted TRA “Certified Green” designation, Airstream had to produce proof that the company incorporates methods of construction as well as materials in the building of the RVs that do not have an overly adverse impact on the environment. The company has to show their RVs are produced with protecting the environment in mind.

The idea behind the desire for the TRA green certification for Airstream is that it is more important to make real changes in the company’s RVs, rather than simply making improvements. Going green was a key and fundamental change. Airstream did more than give lip service to the idea of going green. They took their mission of premium quality products into environmentally friendly construction with practical, comfortable and smartly modern designs. Because Airstream went beyond industry excellence standards, in 2010, they received the gold certification.

Obtaining the TRA “Certified Green” title is not simple or easy. Standards for environmentally friendly certification are founded on six basic concepts. These are the following:
* Efficient Material Use
This deals with recycling what can be recycled in materials, using sustainable materials and reducing waste by using resources efficiently.
* Energy Monitoring
Using clean sources for energy and using energy safely, effectively and efficiently.
* Appliance Choice
Appliances used in Airstream RVs are energy and water efficient to minimize waste.
* Quality Inside the RV
What a person breaths in does matter. This concept addresses ventilation, the limitation of organic substances and making sure products used do not release harmful particles.
* Green Processes
Materials as well as construction practices and methods maximize the environmentally friendly concept.
* Innovation
Companies show they developed and/or use new methods or ideas that augment green achievements.

Though Airstream recreational vehicles meet the gold-level green certification, they are also comfortable, pleasing in appearance and cost-effective to run when considering the cost of motels and eating every meal in restaurants.

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