Airstream to Build Luxury Land Yacht Boat Even the Skipper Would be Proud Of

Airstream Land Yacht Airstream, one of the most recognized and respected names in motor homes, has announced plans to go into the land yacht business. A combination of high seas luxury and WTF tomfoolery, the Airstream Land Yacht will be a super domed home designed to roam. It appears to be an attempt to coax the Zuckerbergs, Trumps and other gazillionairs into putting aside their preconceived notions and set sail on land.

The posh interior was designed utilizing the talents of Mauro Micheli, yacht designer, Officinia Italiana Design and Tecnoform S.p.a. in collaboration with Airstream.

At 28 feet long, this is no modest weekend nookie and nosh nest. You want luxuries? We got ’em! This marvel of the mobile movement features Corian countertops, Italian fabric upholstery, hidden LED lighting, quiet, ducted air conditioning and quality boat-deck flooring. Mama mia!

It also features exciting James Bond touches. By pressing a button, — what, no remote? — the bed lifts to reveal a concealed storage area, ideal for stashing secret plans for more Facebook commercialization, Italian Euros or spare hookers for the weekend. In addition, another button pushing lowers the chic pedestal table, providing more space for a marathon gold lamé Twister game. Outside, an automated awning provides shade for the mâitre d’ and catering staff.

The interior consists of a bedroom large enough for five people to “sleep” in, a bathroom and a “social space” featuring a hideaway kitchen, galley style. It’s all trés chic, albeit very familiar in such a relatively small space. Dancing and board meetings should probably be limited to atop the lowered pedestal table and the bathroom. The Land Yacht’s exterior will retain its signature, aerodynamic “silver bullet” design.

The fact that Land Yachts are mobile doesn’t necessarily mean that you will see them zipping down the highway tacked onto a heavy-duty pickup truck. Bob Wheeler, Airstream president, is optimistic that the Airstream brand has the wherewithal to attract buyers beyond the RV crowd. He feels that a good many Land Yachts will probably wind up being supplemental outbuildings. He surmises that the Land Yacht will serve as a semi-permanent office, studio or lounge. Uh huh, right.

According to Wheeler, the demand from “discerning clients” is what prompted Airstream to partner up with the high class Italian designers. They were “demanding” a “halo” product.

There is no truth to the rumor that Airstream is planning to build a Land Plane. That is despite an ever-growing “demand” for a “halo Kitty” bi-plane designed after the Wright Brothers’ Kittyhawk model.

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