Airstream Trailer Advice that is on the Level


Everyone recognizes that diligent maintenance on your Airstream is vital, even the best travel trailers on the market need to be balanced in order to provide a excursion experience that brings the comforts of home into the great outdoors. Failure to level your trailer can result in rolling slat shakers, spilled drinks, and accidental falls by older family members. In addition to these small annoyances, a trailer that sits off-level for extended periods of time can drastically shorten the life of the refrigeration unit. There are two different approaches that one can take to leveling their Airstream travel trailer, one being a bit more technologically advanced than the other. For the hands-on individual, we will start with the time honored method.

Once your trailer is in backed into the camping area, place your level on the counter or floor in the interior of the trailer, ensuring that the ends of the level are pointing towards the side walls. Proceed to back the trailer a little bit further onto a sturdy wooden board. This board should be positioned behind the tires on the lower rear of the trailer. Once the tires are on the board, check the level on the interior. Additional boards may be needed to get the entire trailer completely level. You should add additional boards until the trailer is completely level from one wall to the other.

The wheels of the trailer should then be stopped by placing chocks on either side. A jack pad should then be placed under the hitching jack. After you have these securing devices in place, then you may disconnect the Airstream from the towing vehicle. Return to the interior of the trailer and rotate the level so that the ends are now facing both the back and the front of trailer. Level the trailer again by adjusting the hitch that is resting on the jack pad. At this point, you should be ready to lower the stabilizing jacks. Airstream trailers can be equipped with both manual and electric jacks that assist in stabilizing the trailer once it has been leveled.

The entire process can be accomplished much more quickly if you have two individuals working on the problem. One person on the interior can monitor the level and direct the person working on the outside. Direct communication allows you to get the trailer precisely level with minimal fuss. The tech-savvy individual may prefer to drop the conventional level for some of the Apps available on today’s smart phones. If there is adequate coverage at your camping destination, Certain Apps can provide wonderful results. They give a more accurate account of how much adjustment needs to take place by quantifying how far off-level the trailer is at the moment.

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