Airstream Travel Trailers: Raising Money For Those With Less

We’re all privy to the fact Airstream is one of the most popular types of travel trailers out there for those people who love to travel around in style. With that said, did you know in addition to being one of America’s most iconic RV brands, they’ve also become a tool for helping to raise money for charitable efforts.

Children’s Action Network Charity

Several years ago the Lifestyle designer Barclay Butera designed a 19 foot long Bambi Airstream that was auctioned off on eBay after he showed it off during the Sundance Film Festival in Los Angeles. The bidding began at $25,000.

He jazzed up the interior with black and white striped canopy and window curtains, with a leopard printed carpet and leather cushions, along with Greek designed linens.

Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention

In 2001, Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention and Care of Harlem, New York, jazzed up four Airstream trailers in four different themes to bring in $150,000 each to help find a cure for cancer. The four trailer themes were western, Adirondack, nautical and utility.

The western one was made in a knotty pine honey color with trim from barn wood that was 100 years old. Plus it had leather cushions, and silver handcrafted handles, doorknobs, and other accessories. The nautical one had lamps which were nickel plated and salvaged from a yacht, while the other two also sported accessories to me their required themes.

Kansas City Airstream Owners Donate to Charity

Kansas City Airstream trailer owners donate to local charities every year to help out their home town. The club is called the Wally Byam Caravan Club and they have, for instance, donated monies to the local food bank and other area places in need. They also collect soda tops and turn them in for money for local women’s and children’s shelters and special needs children’s centers.

Hello Kitty Airstream for Charity

One auction site featured a 2 foot CCD Airstream decorated like the popular Hello Kitty in pink letters for charity too, but the final price was not listed.

Bethesda Airstream Charity

Bethesda, the creators of the Xbox game RPG Fallout 3, donated an Airstream trailer to Penney Arcade: Child’s Play charity.

All in all these are just a few examples that show that Airstream and Airstream owners love to use their favorite kind of trailers to help earn funds for many different charities.

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