Airstream in the Movies: On Screen and Behind the Scenes

MOVIESAIRSTREAMAirstreams have long been featured in the movies and on television shows and their unique aluminum presence is also a common choice for actors on the set as a private dressing room. What is it about the “silver bullet” that makes it a first choice for directors and actors? Character, class and confidence in the quality of the Airstream trailer.

The Silver Bullet

The aluminum covered, bullet like design of the Airstream trailer has made it a stand out among recreational vehicles. It has played a central role in such movies as “Charlie’s Angels,” “Raising Arizona,” “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “Independence Day,” “Mars Attacks!,” “American Odyssey,” and “The Hills Have Eyes,” and “Wall Street II” because of the character of the design. While many people associate white, boxy RVs as kin to mobile homes and representing a certain socio economic class, the sleek vision of an Airstream implies a level of class and income that can convey a tremendous amount about a character in a movie. A character that lives in an Airstream, even if they are “down on their luck,” is associated with the class and expense of the trailer. It is not uncommon for an Airstream to be used to convey that a character is intelligent, independent and resourceful. They also inherit an audience association with the kind of decision making intelligence needed to choose the Airstream because of the strength of its design and construction.


Confidence in Construction

Not many people are aware that every Airstream, before it leaves the factory is subjected to an intense water pressure test to make sure that it is watertight. This attention to detail and quality sets Airstreams apart from other recreational vehicle manufacturers. Also, the interior of the Airstream is very unique and streamlined. There are even special edition designs that are favored by many celebrities. People like Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and Tim Burton all favor the Airstream when on location. Working on location can mean long hours each day and months away from home. The more comfortable and custom the interior of the trailer, the easier it is to focus on the arduous task of making a movie. That an Airstream is watertight becomes key when providing a portable home or office on location – airtight also implies that it is greatly soundproofed. The choice of an Airstream by movie professionals is about more than comfort, it is about providing themselves with the best portable environment possible in which to be able to do their work.

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