Airstream’s New 360 Vent

New Travel Trailer Tank Vent

As any owner of an RV knows, one of the major nuisances of traveling long distances is the smell from the septic system. The smell is actually caused by hydrogen sulfide or sewer gas. Not only is the odor caused by this gas particularly unpleasant, larger concentrations also pose a potential health risk. As hydrogen sulfide is heavier than oxygen, proper ventilation of the RV is essential in order to avoid foul smells and health hazards. Most conventional RV roof vents fall short of achieving this, however, because wind resistance creates downdrafts that push the heavier hydrogen sulfide back into the holding tank. This gas accumulates, and can cause problems when it comes time to drain the tank.

Airstream RV’s all new 360 vent alleviates this problem with its aerodynamic engineering. The product of three years of design and field testing, the 360 vent is built to have no wind resistance. The lid on the 360 vent features an intricate series of shapes that channels wind into a vortex, creating a low pressure at the exhaust point in every possible wind direction. What’s more, the 360 vent has no moving parts, making it simple to maintain. Simply follow the easy installation instructions, and the patented design will do the rest to keep the RV stench free. The 360 vent operates in as little air movement as three miles per hour, making it the ideal ventilation solution for all situations.

The 360 vent is not only the most efficient choice on the market, it is by far the most economical choice as well. First and foremost, it is a permanent solution to odor problems caused by noxious gas. This means that it effectively eliminates the need for expensive chemicals and tank cleaning services. The 360 vent’s efficient ventilation also mitigates the need for other means of managing foul odors. Instead of making the foul sewer gas smell better, the 360 vent eliminates it entirely. Additionally, the 360 vent’s efficient design means that there is no risk of a part failing through accumulation of dust or dirt. Simply put, the 360 vent will never wear itself out. While other venting solutions may offer a lower up-front cost, the 360 vent provides the best value over time.

Owning an RV can be an exhilarating experience, and with Airstream RV’s 360 vents, it truly is possible to experience the full comfort of home combined with the freedom of the open road.

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