Are you a Glamper?

glampingAnother word for upscale campers is “glampers”; it is a combination of the words glamour and camper. These people love the great outdoors but desire to enjoy it with all the comforts of a luxurious home. Most glampers find themselves travelling to either special, remote campsites or campground resorts in luxury recreational vehicles. Here are some features of glamper transportation and camp destinations that help determine whether one is a glamper or an aspiring glamper.

Glamper Transportation Options

Nearly everyone has seen those happy folks towing their camp trailers with a pair of bicycles mounted on the back as they venture off on their next vacation. The journey is just as enjoyable as the destination thanks to improvements in upscale recreational vehicle design. Some of the leaders in luxury recreational vehicles enlist notable designers to help them craft a vehicle that stylishly packs as many upscale amenities as possible into the limited available space.

Many luxury camp trailers include homelike amenities like a kitchenette, bathroom, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Kitchen areas usually feature a stove, cooktop, microwave, and refrigeration. Bathrooms go beyond simple toilet sink combinations; most have full size showers now. The sleeping arrangements in these campers are most impressive because they display designers’ great use of space; beds usually remain hidden within the living space until needed. It is not uncommon for these vehicles to have special touches like leather seating and durable Corian countertops in the kitchenette.

Campsites Haunted By Glampers

Many glampers popularly head west when seeking the joys of outdoor splendor because its rugged topography lends itself best to camping. Places like Big Sur in California and Arches National Park in Utah are some popular areas to pull up a camper in the west. If out-of-the-way locations in the west are a bit too uncivilized, there are many luxury camp resorts around the country from which to choose. Buttonwood campground in Pennsylvania is an example of a large camp area replete with amenities sure to please even seasoned glampers. The grounds include camp standards like full electric and water hookups, clean restaurants, and a heated swimming pool. Some unexpected ones like livery service, kayaking, laser tag, and miniature golf are also enjoyed there. Another example is Mill Creek Plant Resort located in Canton, Texas. Mill Creek Plant Resort features simple pleasures such as making smores by campfire, swimming, fishing, and kite flying. It also has a nine-hole golf course for those who enjoy the sport. People choose the pristine grounds of Mill Creek for weddings, corporate events, and family reunions.


With their luxury home on wheels, could glampers ever get homesick for their tents and sleeping bags? It’s possible but highly unlikely!

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