Autoblog Reviews Airstream Interstate

AirstreamInterstateSILVERAutoblog recently reviewed the new Airstream Interstate, and based on that review, it doesn’t seem like the site found any faults with this new model. The review highlighted everything from the easy handling to the interior, and the reviewer even compared driving the model to driving a sports car. Learn more about the features of the Airstream model that Autoblog loved.

Price Comparison

The Autoblog review pointed out that shoppers have two options when it comes to the Interstate. The standard model is just over 23-feet long and is nearly seven-feet wide, and it has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of nearly $126,000. The Interstate EXT is the luxury model, which means it costs a little more and comes with some extra features including a cargo space on the back end. The EXT retails for close to $137,000, but adding extra features will increase the price even more. Customers can add a flatscreen television, solar panel, storage rack and other features. Those looking at the fully loaded model will find themselves paying more than $141,000.

Features and Specs

The reviewer also pointed out the powerful engine features. While the Interstate doesn’t have a standard V8 engine, it does come with a V6 engine. It also comes with a tank that holds more than 26 gallons of fuel, and users can access the tank from inside the motorhome. The reviewer also noted the anti-lock brakes and electronic traction control that keeps the vehicle safe on the road. Customers will love the internal generator, which lets travelers use the microwave, lights and other appliances and electronics inside while on the road. With the optional solar panel, they can even charge the Interstate while driving down the highway.

Inside the Interstate

Autoblog loved the interior of the Interstate as much as it loved the exterior. Swiveling chairs keep passengers comfortably on long rides, while a bench-style sofa at the back of the vehicle turns into a simple bed when it’s nap time. According to the Autoblog reviewer, drivers and passengers can remain comfy and cozy even after logging more than 1,000 miles on the open road. The inside of the motorhome features other elements that the reviewer and customers love, including tinted windows that block out light, a small closet that functions as a shower and toilet and a small kitchen with a microwave, stove and sink. These features and others led to Autoblog giving the Interstate a high rating.

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