Highway To Heaven (Back From The Grave)

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There simply is no denying that Airstream is one of, if not THE most innovative company in the RV industry. It is pretty well known that this company is not afraid to take risks, it appears that they will try anything once….*wink*

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Failure Should Be an Option

Airstream is obviously known for their cutting edge designs, technological advances, and innovation. These things are what make Airstream what it is. This is a company that definitely does not settle with an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. They are more of a “this is working great, let’s make it greater” mentality. View full post…

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Hello Kitty Themed Airstream Travel Trailer…the apocalypse is upon us.

HELLOKITTYairstreamtrailerHello Kitty is an icon and an ambassador of Japan. Her face is on everything from toilet paper to hand bags, and now she is the theme of an Airstream too. Hello Kitty was created as a marketing tool. Her sole purpose in life is to sell products, and she does it well. Hello Kitty is taking over the world, but the Airstream trailer may be the start of the apocalypse with her as our insanely cute but demonic leader.

The Hello Kitty Trend

Hello Kitty isn’t the only Sanrio character to take over the world, but she is certainly the leader of the cute-catastrophe army. Hello Kitty has a lot of power for a cat without a mouth and is only five apples tall. She is loved by everyone ages zero to 100. View full post…

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Let’s Get Ready to Decoraaaaaaaate!


Christmas Decerations | Airstream

It’s the fight of the season, folks. In the red corner we have the Smiths with a pile of holiday decorations, weighing in at…well…they didn’t want to say. And in the green corner we have an Airstream Classic travel trailer, coming in at over two tons. Let’s get ready to decoraaaaaaaate!

Round One
The Smiths come out swinging with interior decorations. First, it’s a one-two punch of pre-lit garlands and a small tree that they easily unpacked from storage. The Airstream’s fighting back with space constraints, but the Smiths elevate the tree with a plant stand and BAM, floor space is restored. Mrs. Smith hits the tiny tree with a left, a right, then two more quick lefts: she’s hung several mini-Airstream ornaments from its branches. The trailer interior is going down. Mr. Smith staggers, but comes back strong and wraps up the round with a body blow: a holiday throw rug that looks incredibly festive but takes up no floor space at all! This round goes to the Smiths.

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