Restoring an Airstream Can Be a Great Investment

AirstreamRestorationsWhen most people think of restoring American classics, they picture cars and trucks – classic muscle being brought back to its former glory. But what do you put behind something like that? Or what if you’re looking for classic glory of a different kind?

Rodney Bond, the “Bonderosa Craftsman,” has provided the answer to this question in the form of completely refurbished Airstream trailers.

Airstreams are an icon of American travel, and anyone who knows trailers or classic vehicles has great respect for these vessels. The giant silver domes are hard to miss, since they are based on aircraft fuselages.

Bond spent 10 years working as a machine-tool technician before settling back where he grew up in Coryell County. Now, after 24 years of making custom doors for an on-again-off-again housing market, he’s turned his attention to vintage Airstreams. With his wife and brother-in-law helping him, right now his goal is to restore 5 of these trailers back on the road.

Many people may wonder “Why Airstreams?” because while they are somewhat iconic, they are large, bright, and don’t look anything like the travel trailers of today. But one of their biggest advantages is their quality. View full post…

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Diagnosing and Repairing a Leaking Airstream

DiagnosingLeaksOver time, an Airstream can develop a leak after being exposed to the elements. However, all RV’s can develop leaks over time and an Airstream is probably less likely to leak than any other RV of a similar age. The good news is that repairing most leaks is fairly simple, but the bad news is that it can be difficult to find the leak. Routine inspection is the key to ensuring a leak free Airstream.
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