The Airstream travel trailer is one of the most iconic designs in the world of American recreational vehicles. The rounded design with the exterior aluminum finish conveys quality manufacturing combined with elegant design and efficient engineering.

The 2013 Airstream Classic line continues those traditions for discerning travelers. The trailers are available in several configurations with multiple décor and finish options. Purchasers working with their Airstream dealer can tailor their vehicle to their own needs and sense of style.

The Classic line is available in 27-foot,30-foot and 31-foot models. The Classic 27FB features a front bedroom space with optional queen or twin beds. This floor plan includes a bathroom and shower next to the bedroom space with a galley, lounge and dinette in the rear of the travel trailer. This allows a panoramic view through spacious windows above the dinette.

The Classic 30 reverses the plan and places the bedroom at the rear of the travel trailer with the bathroom and shower immediately forward. A queen or twin beds are options for the bedroom. The front of the trailer features a lounge with the galley and dinette placed in the center of the unit.

The Classic 31 is similar to the Classic 30 but offers the option of a table and chairs rather than the dinette. The larger space allowed by the longer travel trailer affords this unit more storage space providing long-term travelers more opportunities to keep their clothing and goods with them.

All models within the Airstream Classic line feature the smooth lines and classic lines of all Airstream products. This includes interiors with wood floors, wood paneling and cabinetry and quality upholstery. The optional décor color schemes allow the purchaser to set the tone within their traveling home away from home. The optional décor items compliment the long list of standard features including an LCD television, microwave and safety and comfort amenities including smoke detectors, air conditioning and heating and hot running water.

The Classic line of travel trailers by Airstream is not just about appearance. Engineering produces a travel trailer that can be towed safely by a properly sized tow vehicle. The proper balance of the travel trailer reduces the weight on the hitch of the vehicle making the entire unit easier to control on the road.

The Airstream Classic line combines product engineering for safety, product design to present comfort and enjoyment and personal touches like color schemes in one package of for the discerning recreational vehicle user. The Airstream Classic line of travel trailers is also designed for years of efficient service with proven designs and quality materials.

It allows the traveler to be as comfortable on the road seeing the wonders of the wonders of the world as they would be at home in their living room.

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