Cooking a Turkey in Your Airstream

How To Cook A Turkey

So you have decided to cook a turkey in your Airstream. Congratulations – you are probably crazy. Turkeys are birds meant to be cooked in big ovens, particularly by someone other than you. In fact, it seems a little bit sacrilegious to cook one in any environment that does not involve a mismatched football game and someone’s creepy uncle. Still, the road is a great place for experimentation and sometimes a traveler just wants to eat an oversized bird. If you want to join the club of adventurous road cooks, you do have a few options. They may not give you that Better Homes and Gardens cover that you so desperately crave, but they will allow you to cook a nice turkey in your Airstream.

If you already own an Airstream, you know that kitchen space is at a premium. It is not exactly the kind of camper made for cooking gourmet meals, but that does not mean you cannot force it to double as your dream kitchen. You just have to realize your limitations and work within them. If you want to cook a turkey, you have to take the time to realize that turkeys are real big birds. In fact, what you really want to cook is a Cornish Game Hen – but you are going to cook a turkey anyway because you are brave and you are a rebel. Plus, game hens look funny. The really easy way to cook a turkey in your Airstream is to go outside.

 There are dozens of very nifty beer can turkey cooking stands on the market, and each of them can allow you to cook your bird on a grill. If you do not already have a grill, you are really missing out – half the fun of owning an Airstream is parking it somewhere and cooking under the stars. You just have to follow the directions included with your stand and cook the turkey for about three hours, giving you something delicious to eat in half the time of cooking in the oven. Plus, you should still have at least five beers left – a definite bonus.If you want to be crazy, cooking in your Airstream can actually work. The downside is that you will not get that huge, traditional holiday Turkey that is so often featured on terrible television movies.

Your first step is to play butcher and take the turkey apart – the more pieces you cut it into, the faster each will cook and the less space that you will need. You can brine it, marinade it, roast it or do whatever you like. The real pleasure is in knowing that you beat the odds and actually cooked a turkey inside your camper. Say what you will about the great chefs of the world, but few of them every have to try to cook such a big animal in such a small space.Those are your real options – performing indoor turkey surgery or using your grill.

Anything else seems a little too complicated and frankly brings lesser rewards than those two particular methods. With a few hours of cooking, you can make sure that you have enough turkey to satisfy a huge family – or keep yourself in turkey jerky for your next cross-country trip. If this proves nothing else, it proves that you really can use an Airstream for anything. It may not always be easy and you might have to do a little bit of work to get there, but you will never have more fun that figuring out what you can really do in one of these campers.

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