Don’t Forget About Your Awning!

AwningCarePatio awnings can get dirty quickly and can even tear. It can also be a challenge to keep up with the maintenance. It is easiest to take care of your awning by preventing  When you sit under your patio awning, you want it to function properly while also looking as good as it possibly can. Follow these tips to keep your awning in great shape for extending the awnings life.


Cleaning the awning takes a little bit of time and effort, but you’ll see that it’s a worthy exertion. One good tip is to take the awning covering completely down from its secure position. If you apply some dish soap to it coupled with hot water, you can clean it well. It’s a good idea to wet a car washing brush that has soft bristles with the soapy water solution. If you roll up the awning covering for a few minutes after applying the soap, you will notice a cleaner material when you rinse it off with a hose. There is also a Zip-Dee cleaner sold specially by Airstream. This is a foaming solution that can also be applied with a car wash brush to make the awning cover look cleaner and smell better at the same time. When the pollen flies off the trees, it can make the awning look old and blemished. You can restore it to new with these methods.


Sometimes the awning can become stiff and difficult to move. This is not a good situation if you would like to move it and clean it properly. There’s a solution called Campers RV Solution that is good at loosening up the awning material so that you can have better access to it. You should apply this substance at least twice per year. It’s better to prevent the stiffness from happening than to try to combat it once it is already setting it. You should also make sure that the awning can repel water very well. You can use other scrubs after it is already clean to make sure that the water doesn’t soak into the awning and cause mold and mildew. If you are worried about bleaching agents causing the color to fade in your awning cover, several people report that vinegar is a safe cleaning solution that works extremely well.

Caring for the Airstream awning cover is an important part of owning a trailer. When you sit on the patio, you want the awning to look and smell great at the same time. Your guests will have a better impression of your habits if you have clean awnings. A great trip will include clean awnings that function the way you want them to. Make sure to buy the correct materials for cleaning and maintenance.

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