Five Family Camping Games


A family camping trip strengthens bonds, creates memories, and soothes the soul. All you need to have the time of your life is your loved ones and the great outdoors. Some of the best memories you could make during your adventurous camping trip involve the games that liven things up. In order to get the most thrills out of your next family camping extravaganza, give these five games a try.


1. I Spy.  This classic game appeals to all members of a family because of how interactive it is. One camper begins by declaring that they spy something of a given color, texture, or perhaps even a letter of the alphabet. The other campers take turns trying to guess what the first camper sees. Depending on how you would like to play, you could allow the original camper to give clues about what they see, but you don’t have to. I Spy games are great for hikes, or even when you’re just sitting around the campsite. They can also make chores easier to pass the time.

2. Scavenger Hunts.  You could plan scavenger hunts before you leave or once you get to camp. Each camper will receive a list of items that they’re supposed to search for around the campsite. You could plant your own items or have them search for items that exist naturally in the area. be sure to know what poisonous plants look like, and make sure the kids know how to avoid those plants. Pairing up younger kids with experienced campers is a good idea to help them stay safe and form family bonds during the scavenger hunt games.

3. Make Maps.  Many children enjoy making their own maps, but some don’t know how to make good ones. This would be a good game to play once everyone is familiar with the camping area where you’re staying. Ask the children to draw maps with directions to local landmarks, features, the ranger station, and other areas of importance. They can draw their maps and then explain why their directions are correct. The game is fun and it helps to develop critical thinking processes for younger children. They’ll have to think carefully about how to make accurate maps.

4. Capture the Flag.  Larger families find capture the flag games particularly exciting. The basic idea is to divide the family into two teams, and each teams hides a flag someone on their side of a boundary that you all agree on. The flags must be visible in some way while the teams search for them. The way to win is to grab the other team’s flag without getting captured by them. This is a fun game for families of all sizes and ages to take part in.

5. Impromptu Stories.  When everyone is settled around the campfire after a long day, ask everyone to tell a story on the spot. Make sure that the stories are appropriate for young children to hear. Don’t tell something too frightening or disgusting. You could tell tales of fun adventures, mysterious events, or fascinating memories. Keeping the family entertained on a camping trip shouldn’t be too hard with help from these games.


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