Flying Cloud

Airstream’s most popular travel trailer model returns in with a range of floor plans that will accommodate a variety of camping styles. Beginning with a compact 19-foot model and working incrementally to the largest 30-foot model, Airstream offers customizable options in all sizes. Upholstery comes in a choice of one of four main color themes featuring earth tones with bold graphic designs as accent pieces. Depending on the size of model chosen, floor plans can also be customized for a personal touch.In each size range, Airstream remains true to its tradition of ergonomic spaces with unobstructed views for an open and uncluttered feel. Each trailer features space-saving designs that optimize storage while presenting clean outward lines stylistically. Floors in each model are hardwood laminate in warm tones that make cleaning a simple process, while fabrics are made of durable woven tweeds for years of use. Recessed spotlights and adjustable lamps provide ample lighting without blocking valuable overhead space. The windows in the Flying Cloud are larger than other models, allowing for plenty of bright light during the day. Curtains and blinds provide shade and privacy. A convenient pull-out canopy allows for an impromptu patio area and provides shade from the sun or protection from the elements.A roll-out pantry capable of holding many items joins ample below-sink storage in the galley area. In the bedroom space, nightstands and under-bed storage aid in stowing items. There is a large wardrobe space in the hallway perfect for storing clothing or equipment. A bathroom vanity aids in storing personal items, while extra storage options under the lounge or dinette seats provide a convenient option for keeping items close at hand yet out of sight.

The interior width of the Flying Cloud begins at a little over  seven feet and adds another half-foot in the larger models. The interior height is six and one-half feet. The smallest models can sleep two to four people, while the larger models can easily accommodate up to six people. All models come with a furnace and offer an optional air conditioning unit, making them true four-season camping options. The smallest Flying Cloud model weighs just over 3,700 pounds, with the largest weighing 6,300 pounds.

In anticipation of customers using their trailers in off-road locations, Airstream equips their trailers with quality Michelin tires and a high wheelbase perfect for successfully navigating bumpy roads. The exterior of each trailer is clothed in Airstream’s iconic aluminum skin, creating a sleek appearance while also providing a durable surface that is simple to maintain.

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