Geocaching For Wally Byam and Airstream travel trailer

GeocachingInAnAirstreamCamping is fun. Airstream travel trailers are fun. Geocaching is fun. Guess what, put them all together and you get an amazing amount of fun.

Consider the geocache prize known simply as “Where’s Wally?” It is a geocache stash based around the inventor of the Aristream, Wally Byam, whose motto was “Do more, see more, live more.” How appropriate for the sport of geocache where you explore, locate and capture valuable collectibles and patches.Where’s Wally is located somewhere in New Mexiso. It is TB3F4BC at Geodalf released it with the current goal of having fun around Airstreams.

Byam was born in Baker City, Ore. on July 4, 1896. He studied ay Stanford University before embarking on several ventures, including a stint with the merchant marines, owning an advertising agency and publishing a magazine. Publishing a story about how to build your own travel trailer, he received a lot of complaints the trailed couldn’t be built from the plans. He decided to build one himself.

Long story short, Byam figured out the proper design for a travel trailer that could be built for less than $100. He sold the plans for $5 and started building complete trailers for customers. It was so successful, the business continued to thrive despite the Great Depression. Called Masonite travel trailers, he sold the trailers under the Airstream brand name. Airstream bought the William Hawley Bowlus Company and took off from there in 1935. The Airstream Clipper sold for $1,200 and was state-of-the-art in the years preceding World War II.

Byam evolved several generations of Airstream travel trailers, eventually forming a nonprofit club called Wally Byam Club International to promote the use of the Airstream products. The Geocache patch honors the club and its founder.

Where’s Wally has gotten around ever since in the geocache game. It has been placed, located, and hidden again at four Arizona locations from June 6, 2011 to Sept. 3, 2011. After that, it was taken to Washington state with its last known location at Huntamer Park.

Byam led the travel trailer camper all over just like his club’s geocache patch. He died in 1962. The 50th anniversary of the club was celebrated at Perry, Ga. from June 23 to July 4, 2007. Airstream now is owned by Thor Industries, Inc., the top manufacturer of travel trailers on the planet.

But the Where’s Wally geocache. You tell us.

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