Hello Kitty Themed Airstream Travel Trailer…the apocalypse is upon us.

HELLOKITTYairstreamtrailerHello Kitty is an icon and an ambassador of Japan. Her face is on everything from toilet paper to hand bags, and now she is the theme of an Airstream too. Hello Kitty was created as a marketing tool. Her sole purpose in life is to sell products, and she does it well. Hello Kitty is taking over the world, but the Airstream trailer may be the start of the apocalypse with her as our insanely cute but demonic leader.

The Hello Kitty Trend

Hello Kitty isn’t the only Sanrio character to take over the world, but she is certainly the leader of the cute-catastrophe army. Hello Kitty has a lot of power for a cat without a mouth and is only five apples tall. She is loved by everyone ages zero to 100.

Her domination has been escalating to a whole new level of insanity, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Harajuku girls and American kindergartners love her equally. She even has a growing male fanbase.

Sanrio For Airstream

Sanrio reaches out to commission popular brands to create KT-themed products in her honor. Airstream was one of those brands in 2004. This one-of-a-kind trailer is decorated with a massive and pink Hello Kitty head decal. The inside is outfitted in Hello Kitty goods that include a microwave, a toaster and upholstery. It’s pink, colorful and a bit sickening if you ask me.

If you can stomach the cuteness, you may be too late to save. This Airstream is unique, but we see others trying to copy it in the near future. It would be easy enough to do on your own if you felt inclined to do so.

Will It Ever End?

The Hello Kitty apocalypse may never end. Eventually the world will be covered in her cute face with all of her disgustingly cute friends. You won’t be able to go anywhere without seeing her signature look emblazoned on every surface. It’s bad enough that car companies and even hospitals are being created with an HK theme, but for her to taint Airstream is a little sacrilege.

We think Airstream is great, but the Hello Kitty design may be pushing things a bit too far. Nothing is safe from her wrath, and nothing is sacred when it comes to Hello Kitty.

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