Airstream travel trailers are all about sleek style and comfort, hallmarks of their 2013 line. Unbeatable quality and exceptional value are found in every model of Airstream products that offer added value to the ultimate luxury travel experience.

Airstream travel trailers are the original and most trusted name in recreational vehicles because of their consistent devotion to expert engineering and top-rate features. The coming year brings a versatile lineup of the most reliable and amenity filled travel trailers in today’s market.

Fledgling campers or experienced RV aficionados love the International series. Top-of-the-line models impress anyone who steps inside this collection of iconic travel trailers. Stylish interiors, efficient and logical design, and well-organized and popular floorplans are all to be expected in innovative Airstream travel trailers.

The Airstream International Serenity Series

It’s called the Serenity because that’s what it inspires. The moment you enter the Serenity you feel like you’re on your holiday even before you have started your journey. Relaxation is easily achieved in every Serenity model. Comfort and style will exceed your expectations.

The International Serenity Series has been created to epitomize peace and calm. Every aspect of the interior has been considered to convey an incomparable sense of balance. Just as the mind and body are one, the interior shapes, colors, and surfaces meld into a whole experience.

The esthetic environment of the Serenity Series is achieved through superior materials, textured surfaces, and elegant accents. Gorgeous landscapes turn to live paintings through oversized windows that bring the outdoors inside and connect every traveler to their natural surroundings.

Color schemes in the Serenity models have been carefully chosen so stress and anxieties are left at the door. Subtle palettes are both soothing and easy on the eyes. Mint Green includes soft touches of maroon and granite colored accents. The Soy Brown has splashes of bolder grays and maroon. Light and deep grays coordinate with maroons in the Taupe Ultra Leather collection.

The Serenity Series appeals to those want to experience renowned Airstream craftsmanship in a smart design. Those who want to enjoy quality beyond the norm, convenient built-in features that most competitors don’t offer, and a beautiful environment to enjoy as much as their vacation will love the International Serenity Series.

The Airstream International Signature Series

The Signature Series was fashioned by Christopher C. Deam, an exceptional designer and architect whose award-winning ideas have successfully conveyed the exterior image of the Airstream to a sleek and appealing interior.

Premium Wenge laminate and polished aluminum fixtures in the galley, bathroom, and dotting other parts of the interior are part of the appeal. Large windows provide panoramic views and bring in the sun that create a wonderful union of lights and darks, warm and cool, pleasing all of the senses.

The Signature color themes are tasteful and exude vibrant elegance. They include Cilantro, a rich blend of plum, mint green and splashes of grey that exudes style. The Paprika has bold accents amid a tiny charcoal checkered pattern, a striking palette with a sophisticated look.

The Yellowstone spread of subtle mustard yellows and gray stripes make a conservative statement. The Taupe Ultraleather features a smart combination of a bold black and gray pattern with touches of grays, pinks, and whites. The carefully chosen colors and patterns form a soothing interior.

Floorplans have a steady flow and support clean lines and uncluttered spaces. A host of contrasts highlight the Signature interior –modern yet charming, textured and smooth, sturdy and soft. All the elements blend into a unique energy that only Airstream can provide.

The larger models of both the Serenity and the Signature series have built-in closets and nightstands, bathrooms and showers have hallway entries leaving access to the rear room while bathrooms are in use. There are generous lounge areas, wardrobes, and optional flatscreen TVs.

Large windows share excellent views and handsome stainless steel embellishes the galley and bathrooms. 10 floor plans are available for selection that allows a person to bask in old-fashioned luxury and revel in contemporary form and function.

Airstream International 2013 models make optimal equipment the standard. They have just about every comfort and convenience to offer. Your Serenity or Signature travel trailer will feel like you’re home sweet home.


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