Land Yacht: The Newest Airstream Trailer

Land-Yacht-460x260With a look that is reminiscent of the interior of a finely crafted yacht, the new Land Yacht Airstream trailer delivers sleek styling. The interior width is a generous eight feet, one inch. The exterior height stands at nine feet, 9.5 inches.

There are also enough luxe amenities to make the Land Yacht Airstream feel like a luxury travel trailer. The flooring is made from white wood inlay and lustrous teak wood. This trailer also features sophisticated Ultraleather furnishings and Corian surfaces. The 28 foot Airstream Land Yacht is sure to please even the most discriminating tastes.
A Thoughtfully Designed Floor Plan
The Land Yacht Airstream trailer is able to sleep five people. It features a private bedroom with a queen size bed in front of the trailer. Space underneath the bed, accessible by a power lift, creates extra space for all the essentials that make traveling in a trailer more fun. There is also a thoughtfully designed lounge area that can double as extra sleep space at night.The social gathering area in the back of the Land Yacht Airstream features a galley styled kitchen space with famously easy to use and easy to clean Corian counter tops. There is a bathroom towards the center of the Airstream, which also features Corian surfaces. Thoughtful amenities add extra comfort along with providing easy living for travel enthusiasts who love responding to the call of the open road.

Creature Comforts Add To Smooth Sailing

The Airstream Land Yacht has three awnings that can be adjusted with a simple press of buttons on a remote control, along with a specially designed air conditioning system. This allows travelers to enjoy cruising in the Airstream Land Yacht in style and in comfort. Set the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature and forget it, knowing you can keep the entire space comfortable simply by using and adjusting the awnings to block out the sun.

Three Designers Combine Efforts To Create Luxury

The coming together of three talented designers has yielded a luxurious travel trailer that was inspired by some of the world’s finest watercraft. Airstream, Officiania Italiana Design studio and Tecnoform S.p.A. joined forces to create a masterpiece in the form of the Land Yacht Airstream. Tecnoform S.p.A. is renowned for its finely crafted cabinetry.

The stunning, unique look of the Airstream Land Yacht was created with engineers from Tecnoform working in tandem with experienced designer, Mauro Micheli. He has been instrumental in helping to design world-famous Riva Yachts.

Enthusiasts of the unique Airstream design features have counted on Airstream since 1932 to deliver exceptional quality travel trailers. They know these trailers are not only aerodynamic for traveling, but beautiful to look at as well.

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