Let’s Get Ready to Decoraaaaaaaate!


Christmas Decerations | Airstream

It’s the fight of the season, folks. In the red corner we have the Smiths with a pile of holiday decorations, weighing in at…well…they didn’t want to say. And in the green corner we have an Airstream Classic travel trailer, coming in at over two tons. Let’s get ready to decoraaaaaaaate!

Round One
The Smiths come out swinging with interior decorations. First, it’s a one-two punch of pre-lit garlands and a small tree that they easily unpacked from storage. The Airstream’s fighting back with space constraints, but the Smiths elevate the tree with a plant stand and BAM, floor space is restored. Mrs. Smith hits the tiny tree with a left, a right, then two more quick lefts: she’s hung several mini-Airstream ornaments from its branches. The trailer interior is going down. Mr. Smith staggers, but comes back strong and wraps up the round with a body blow: a holiday throw rug that looks incredibly festive but takes up no floor space at all! This round goes to the Smiths.

Round Two
Mr. Smith comes out of the red corner with a ladder that he leans against the side of the trailer. The ref goes berzerk. Scratching the Airstream’s finish is a low blow. It’s not looking good for the Smiths. But Mrs. Smith has a free-standing step-ladder. It’s a hard right hook. Mr. Smith places some lighted snowmen and a Santa on the Airstream’s roof, and the trailer goes down for the count. This one will be hard to score, folks, but it looks like the Smiths will take it.

Round Three
Mrs. Smith charges the trailer with a pre-lit wreath for the rear window, but the Airstream lands a punch when her suction-cup hook doesn’t stick to the glass. It’s Mr. Smith to the rescue with a jab and a piece of duct tape. But the round’s not over yet! The Airstream gets a point when Mr. Smith tries to tape a string of pink flamingo lights to its side. The ref says no tape on the shiny finish! But the Smiths get style points for their sense of humor. It’s a wash. Mrs. Smith runs for the twist-ties and hangs the lights. The Airstream’s on the ropes, and here comes Mr. Smith to finish it off. He’s tackling the awning now! He hits the Airstream with some RV light-hanging clips, but wait! He runs out. The trailer’s fighting hard. The ref’s about to call it, but here comes Mrs. Smith with binder clips and clothespins to finish the job. It’s a total knock out! The Smiths take the match.

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