Maintenance and Care of Your Airstream Stabilizer Jacks

AirstreamStabilizerJacksThere many different considerations that come into play when it comes to maintaining your Airstream Travel Trailer. This top-of-the-line RV is able to provide the quality travel experience that it does thanks to carefully considered engineering and detailed components that work together in order to create equipment that functions at the highest levels of performance. However, at the top of the maintenance list should be the stabilizing jacks. These components are key in allowing you establish stable and comfortable grounding once you have reached your camping destination. Should these components be allowed to fall into disrepair, then creating a level interior that securely positions your Airstream on a variety of surfaces can become next to impossible. If the jacks are allowed to get into a condition that is too bad, then often the only option left is to replace them altogether.

The primary problem that people encounter with their stabilizing jacks is that they begin to make noise when being put into position and can be difficult to screw into place. The first thought in most people’s minds is to grease the jacks in order to reduce the friction. Still, using grease can cause these components to attract dirt and grime as you travel or when you are establishing yourself on-site. There are some other options that provide an alternative to using thick and messy automotive greases.

There is a great lubrication product made by the Rocket Chemical Company that will provide the freedom of movement needed for the jacks without the additional problems that come with using materials that can be harder to apply with great control. In some cases, only the screws themselves need attention in order to keep them in good shape over the life of the vehicle. There are dry lubricants on the market that allow for maintenance without the risk of accumulating additional damaging debris, however, these often differ very little from standard WD-40. It can be very beneficial to apply graphite to the threads of the screw in order to ease the friction on the surface without doing a substantial amount of damage to the screws themselves. Other Airstream enthusiasts have a huge amount of success in using lithium sprays to keep their stabilizer jacks in good shape as well.

Despite the vast number of good products that can keep your jacks functioning as if they were new, preventive maintenance is always the best option. Follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer in terms of changing fluids and cleaning the equipment after every use. An Airstream Travel Trailer should never go through extended periods of use without receiving thorough washing so that damaging debris does not have time to take effect on the vehicles vital components. Additionally, once you begin the process of lubrication, keep a maintenance schedule of when you perform the work. In the same way that neglecting components can cause them to be damaged, applying excess lubricants or overfilling oils can cause parts to work with less efficiently as well.

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