New Airstream Land Yacht Making Waves!


New Airstream Land Yacht Interior Shot

Airstream: the name says it all.

There’s no mistaking that aerodynamic aluminum tube as it whizzes down the highway, pulled by a sturdy vehicle whose driver wears a smug expression. And why shouldn’t he, or she? After all, Airstream is the Rolls-Royce of travel trailers, and their owners know they’re towing the best in the industry.

That’s more true than ever now as Airstream rolls out its new Land Yacht, a model first featured at Lousville’s National RV Trade Show in November. The word “yacht” is not an accident either. Airstream engineers worked closely with nautical designer Mauro Micheli and his Officinia Italiana studio, as well as with European cabinetry whizzes Tecnoform S.p.a. The result is awe-inspiring, a spirited blend of seagoing beauty and roadworthy practicality from its front bedroom to its rear social space.

According to Airstream president Bob Wheeler, the company has an ongoing “cultural imperative” to develop forward-looking towables, and its commitment to yacht-like design harks back to boat-loving founder Wally Byams, who named his first trailers “Clipper” and “Liner”. Given this history, it’s no surprise that the new Airstream Land Yacht features a high-lustre teak floor with white wood inlays, the same style found in exceptional sea craft. State-of-the-art LED panel lighting provides brilliant illumination, while the supersoft Ultraleather interiors combine luxury with durability.

The Germans, hardly newcomers to all things that roll, were so impressed with the new Land Yacht that they awarded it twice at this year’s Caravan Salon Dusseldorf RV show. President Bob Wheeler attributes the prizes, for interior design and for design technology, to such advances as a powered Zip-Dee awning system and ducted air-conditioning, not to mention the classic Art Deco look of the curving cabinetry.

Five people may sleep in comfort in the two-bedroom Land Yacht, where the bathroom is located in mid-cabin and the galley can be made to disappear when the owners entertain. A power bed lift reveals hidden storage, and Corian countersurfaces look elegant while simplifying cleaning chores.

Wally Byams, the Oregon native who started Airstream, not only loved and admired yachts but himself built the Caravan, a full-featured sailing ship intended for round-the-world voyages. Although Byams died before he could launch his dream, his watchword, “Let’s not make changes, let’s only make improvements,” has not only continued to inspire Airstream engineers and builders, but succinctly sums up a manufacturing philosophy too often forgotten in today’s rush toward the new. With the Land Yacht, Byams’ ideals are proudly displayed for this and future generations to appreciate.

In sum, the Airstream Land Yacht comes across as an RV for sophisticated buyers who can appreciate its global styling and strict standards of quality. There is no better definition of “streamlined” than this future classic, so different from those boxy, right-angled trailers that keel over at the slightest puff of wind. Investing in an Airstream is always a wise move; purchasing a Land Yacht shows the world you’ve reached mobile nirvana.

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