Polishing an Airstream

4691131535_e1d6970274In recent years Airstream travel trailers have had resurgence in popularity, resulting in a higher presence of them on the highways and in campgrounds. If you have recently bought one of these fantastic RV’s, you may be already looking forward to your first trip. However, you may be wondering how you will keep this coach’s exterior shiny and new after your first trip. Taking extra care to polish your Airstream each time you take it out, and every few months in between uses, will help to keep it looking brand new. If you are unsure of the best way to do this, here is a step by step guide on properly polishing your Airstream.

1. Rinse your trailer with cool water to remove any excess dirt from the exterior of your trailer.
2. Wash the outside of the trailer with a high quality wash mitt. Choosing the proper wash mitt when cleaning an aluminum trailer is a key step to take. A mitt or rag that is too rough can scratch the metal siding. It is also important to periodically wash out the mitt so that nothing that may get caught in the mitt will scratch your trailer.
3. Rinse the entire trailer with cool water; be thorough as you do not want any grime or soap left on the aluminum when you go to polish it.
4. Next dry the trailer with a soft high quality towel; the same rules apply for picking a drying towel as for picking a cleaning mitt. It is important to rinse and dry your trailer when it is cool outside and somewhere in the shade in order to prevent water spots from forming on the aluminum siding.
5. The most important step is to next thoroughly wax the entire surface of the trailer. Use a high quality wax, preferably one recommended by an Airstream dealer. This will help to keep your trailer looking shiny and new longer. Rub the wax lightly into the trailer going with the direction of the grain.
6. The final step will be to polish the exterior with a clean non-abrasive cloth after the wax has dried. This will remove any excess wax that may have been left behind. This will also return your Airstream travel trailer to the shiny look it had when you purchased it.

Airstream travel trailers are a fun recreational vehicle that will catch the eye of people everywhere you go. However, in order for your trailer to maintain its beautiful shiny look, it is imperative that you take care of it properly. Polishing it on a regular basis will ensure that the aluminum exterior keeps its shiny appearance for years after you have purchased it.

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