2013 Airstream Sport | Airstream DirectLooking for a travel experience that combines the classic good looks and design of an iconic travel trailer design in a reasonably sized unit? The Airstream Sport trailers might just be what you are looking for. The trailers include the comforts of home in a lightweight package that makes the vehicle one of the most versatile for couples and small families.

The two models of the Airstream Sport Travel trailer both boast the highly identifiable silver design that has been the hallmark of this high-quality travel trailer manufacturer for decades.

The 16-foot model features a 48-inch wide bed across the rear of the trailer. The front portion features a dinette with seating for four adults. The middle space is divided between a galley that includes a two-burner stove, under-counter fridge and sink. The space also includes closets, small counters and a wet bath that combines a shower and toilet into a single unit. The Sport 16 has a rated sleeping capacity of two or three people all in the rear bed.

Travelers choosing the 22-foot model, known as the Sport 22FB, will find the 54-inch wide bed across the front of the unit. At the rear of the unit is the bathroom with a separate shower, toilet and sink unit. The middle of the trailer includes the dinette and galley on opposite sides of the center walkway. The Sport 22FB has a rated sleeping capacity of two to four people all in the front bed.

The Airstream Sport trailers are designed for efficient towing by smaller vehicles. The 16-foot model has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 lbs. with the 22-foot model a full 1,000 pounds heavier. The hitch weights, the amount of weight that will be carried by the tow vehicles hitch, stands at 2,860 lbs for the 16-foot model and 3,634 lbs for the 22-foot travel trailer. Prospective buyers of travel trailers should always confirm the specifications of the trailer fall within the safe capacities of their tow vehicle. Many travelers use midsize sport utility vehicles for towing the Airstream Sport trailers.

Classic designs and decors are a standard with any Airstream product. Purchasers select from a variety of color schemes ranging from sedate earth tones to brighter hues. Airstream travel trailers feature as standard carpeted floors, wood paneling and cabinets and entertainment details such as televisions and sound systems. The interior of the Airstream sport models offer the traveling couple a comfortable and classic space to relax at the end of a day of travel adventure.

The Airstream Sport travel trailers come equipped with pretty much everything the traveler needs for comfortable traveling. However, many purchasers choose to add air conditioning to the trailer. This is especially important in warmer climates. Some purchasers also choose to add some after-market details like bike racks and awnings.

The Airstream Sport trailers combine light weight for easy towing with classic design elements and graceful and stylish interiors. For couples and small families it can be the ideal travel trailer.

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