Tailgating In My Best Friends’ Airstream

AirstreamInternationalLast fall, my buddy Jesse invited me to join him for a guys’ weekend in Idaho.  The plan was to ditch the wives and head to Boise State’s final game of the season… on the famous blue turf.  Jesse laid it on thick with his sales pitch, “beer, football, college girls, and tailgating in style in his new Airstream.”  I quickly cut him off, “You had me at beer and football man.”  Plus, I’ve been curious about Airstream travel trailers for years.  As an avid outdoorsmen and perennial college football junky, the thought of the ultimate tailgating experience in Jesse’s new Airstream really had my curiosity piqued.

When December finally rolled around, I hopped the commuter to Denver, arriving Thursday afternoon. Jesse picked me up at the airport, Airstream in tow, and we hit the interstate.  I figured we were in for a long haul.  It is an easy fifteen-hour drive from Denver to Boise without a full-size trailer in tow; the extra weight was bound to add four hours to the trip.  I am happy to report that I am an idiot; a fact Jesse reiterated constantly.  Towing an Airstream was nothing like I’d expected. I often forgot the trailer was even there.  The Airstream’s ultralight construction and aerodynamic design really make a difference.  We made the trip in just under sixteen hours, arriving late Friday.

We woke up early Saturday and headed to the stadium to stake out a good spot where I was in for another wonderful surprise. There is literally no set-up with an Airstream. We parked, cracked open a beer, turned on the gas, and started simmering my famous homemade barbecue sauce on the stove in the trailer.  By lunch, we were halfway through our first case of beer and gnawing on the rack of baby-backs I’d just pulled of the grill.  Whenever it came time to pay the toll for the morning’s twelve-pack, we simply hopped in the Airstream instead of waiting in line with everyone else at the increasingly foul bank of Porta-Pottys across the lot.  When the southwest Idaho wind picked up and the temperature dropped an hour before kick-off, we jumped inside, kicked on the Airstream’s 12,000 BTU furnace, and turned on the pregame show.

After last year’s Boise trip, I can’t imagine tailgating without my own Airstream.  I finally convinced my wife to look at the brochures with me, and the Airstream’s clean, stylish interior hooked her in no time.  Next year, Jesse is coming out for the Nebraska home-opener and we are taking my new Airstream.

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