Taking our Airstream Interstate To Ohio To Visit Friends

TravelinginOhioAbout six months ago, my wife and I decided to meet some friends in Cleveland, Ohio and watch a Cleveland Indians baseball game. Although we live in Louisville, Kentucky, I had never been in Cleveland, let alone Ohio, with the exception of going to a few Cincinnati Reds baseball games. We packed our Airstream Interstate early in the morning and dropped off our kids at our in-laws house. It was nice to know as we pulled out of the in-law’s driveway, that my wife and I would not have to be worried about finding a place to stay for the night, since the bench seat pulls out to make a bed. All we had to do was find a rest area for the night.

Traffic was very smooth as we went through Cincinnati. A few hours after we drove through Columbus, my wife decided to take the wheel. She adjusted the seat with ease and was quite comfortable as she merged back onto the interstate. Early in our marriage, my wife and I rented a larger van like an Airstream Interstate and she hated it. The seats were hard, the ride was bumpy and it was terrible to drive. Driving the Airstream Interstate was a complete reversal. She loved driving it. In fact, she insisted that we stop at some smaller towns along the way and visit antique shops and tourist towns including Bellville and Lexington. Many red barns and green farmland greeted us as we drove by. We eventually stayed the night at Malabar Farm State Park. The plush seats of our ride were great. In fact, we did not want to use the bench seat because we were so comfortable in our leather chairs. In the morning, we had breakfast in the Airstream Interstate and made use of the custom-made table in the back.

As we got back on the interstate and headed north, we were pleasantly surprised about our Airstreamer, since it did not take as much gas as we had budgeted for. In fact, it had better gas mileage than other vehicles comparable to it. We arrived in Cleveland just before rush hour and greeted out friends at their house. When they realized we came in the Airstream Interstate, they wanted us to drive it to Progressive Field and tailgate before the game started that evening. We agreed and had a great time tailgating. Folks stopped by to chat and commented on our beautiful vehicle at the Indians game. A few days later as we headed back home, we both commented on how we enjoyed time with our friends and looked forward to the next time we could take our Airstream Interstate back to Cleveland.

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