The Airstream International Sterling: An Innovative Icon?

63e066b99c42270a418541308ac82f49Airstream’s great claim to fame is found in their aluminum chassis. Both unique construction techniques and the distinctive finished product put their travel trailers on the map as an American cultural icon. For many of Airstream’s more modern travel trailer lines, less is more when it comes to interior decor. The International Sterling for example, inverts the traditional Airstream look in the interior design by making use of their already famous aluminum styling.

As the latest part of a longstanding collaboration between Airstream and Christopher C. Deam, the International Sterling includes major designs that have become a hallmark of Airstream’s latest line of Travel Trailers. Like the other Deam designed Airstreams, the Bambi and the International Signature, the tried and true riveted aluminum exterior is used as the source of inspiration when it comes to the interior design.

In the case of the International Sterling the central design tenet is minimalism. While not skimping on any of the quality amenities that all Airstream travel trailers come with, the decor itself is simple aluminum broken by a vibrantly colored floor, quality appliances, and comfy furnishings.

Beyond just the interior or exterior features, it must be remembered that the International Sterling shares the core design philosophies that Airstream has held to since its founding. Wally Byam’s famous phrase “Let’s not make changes, let’s make only improvements,” was seized upon by Christopher Deam when designing the International Sterling and as a result this new model of Airstream strikes the perfect blend between innovative and iconic.

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