The Airstream Travel Trailer, Modern yet Retro

An RV vacation is one of the most relaxing types of vacations one can have. The freedom is unparalleled. Stop where you want when you want. There are nice RV parks for visiting all the magnificent historic and natural sites that our country has to offer. The Airstream travel trailer is as American as Route 66. Made in the U.S.A, this gleaming silver trailer cannot be mistaken for any other motor home.

This sturdy travel trailer has been on American roads since 1931. The fact that the Airstream has been around for 80 years is a testament to its durability and comfort. Many of the original Airstreams are still in use today! Its aerodynamic shape was built to make it easier to pull with the family car or truck. That same shape today also makes it a very fuel-efficient travel trailer to pull. It can be pulled with smaller, more fuel efficient SUVs, CUVs or family-sized cars.

The solidly made exterior extends to the interior. The interior is well-made and comfortable. Cabinets are handmade and provide efficient storage space. The Airstream has its own water supply, lighting and fuel for cooking and heat. Space within the Airstream is maximized and used to its fullest. The interior of every Airstream has amenities that one would not expect in most travel travelers. Stainless steel sinks with premium laminated countertops. Flat screen televisions, Blu-Ray/DVD players and CD players are installed even in the 19′ long trailers. Nice sized couches are fitted to the length of the living area. Recliners are available in some units. Comfortable beds are selected to fit the size of the trailer. The 25ft trailer with its efficient use of space has a queen-sized bed.

There is an Airstream for everyone. They range in size from the 19 ft long, one axle “Bambi”, to the spacious 30-foot ultimate travel trailer. Use them for short jaunts to local festivals to cross country tours. From Maine to California, Alaska to Key West, the Airstream is everywhere. Words cannot adequately describe an Airstream travel trailer, for the best deals and most knowledgeable salespeople, contact Dave Arbogast Airstream. Get some brochures and select the perfect Airstream for your lifestyle!

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