Tips For Keeping Your Airstream Cool in the Heat

Keeping Your Airstream COOL

Embarking on an adventure in your Airstream Travel Trailer is a very stylish way to enjoy exploring the countryside. But if you plan your trip when the weather is hot, you want to make sure you know the tips and tricks to use in order to keep your Airstream Travel Trailer cool during hot weather.

Open windows are great for air circulation when the weather is pleasant, but should be covered in hot weather with a quality reflective insulation material available in sheets. Simply tape a sheet of reflective material over each window to prevent the build-up of heat inside your Airstream from sunlight. You can also use Plexiglas and other plastic sheeting material to construct an easy to use temporary storm window which is secured to all of your trailer windows using weather stripping. If your budget will allow, replace all single pane windows in your trailer with double pane windows which provide better insulation against the heat.

Upgrade your air conditioning unit in your Airstream if it’s more than a decade old because older AC systems are not very energy efficient and tend to lose their ability to cool the trailer property with each year that goes by. Make sure that you are installing the right size of air conditioning unit to accommodate the total square footage of your Airstream for maximum cooling and energy efficiency.

Consider applying reflective paint or sealant on the metal roof of your Airstream. Before heading out in your trailer for any long-term trip, check around in order to seal all air leaks with the proper weather stripping materials. Unlike your trailer’s vents and windows, leaks don’t help to cool your trailer but simply allow moisture to enter the vehicle which winds up damaging any wood in the frame in addition to encouraging the growth of mold and other unhealthful bacteria. Insulating the flooring is another way you can help to keep your Airstream much cooler in hot weather conditions. If you’ve owned your Airstream for quite a few years, it may also be time to consider replacing the insulation in the walls and the ceiling. Don’t forget to insulate electrical outlets along with cabinets and closets which can cause air leakage and minimize the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Adding awnings over your main door and windows can help increase shade coverage and not cause your air conditioning unit to have to work so hard. When parking your Airstream, also look for a shady location under a tree or next to a tall building. Open vents and windows to provide a cool breeze in the evening when temperatures have dropped, then close them up the next day when the AC is running again.

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