Tips for Keeping Your Airstream Travel Trailers Clean

f657bea0c25e980b698b6e9981c09e94Getting packed and ready to set out on your Airstream Travel Trailer adventure always seems so much easier than the hard work of unpacking and cleaning up when the trip is over. By following a few simple guidelines, it will be easy to keep your investment in tip-top shape and make the tear-down process a little easier.

Everything Has A Spot

The Airstream Travel Trailers have so many built-in storage areas, it should be easy to stay organized. Decide what is going to be stowed where, and stick to it! If you develop the constant habit of always putting things back right away, you needn’t worry about having a trailer that looks cluttered.

Long-term Items

If your trailer is stored somewhere where rodent activity isn’t a concern, things like paper products and bedding can easily stay on board. It is much easier for the trailer to have its own supply of things rather than having to cart things back and forth from the house.

Cleaning Routine

After every trip, give the whole trailer a cleaning. If you have been good about upkeep while traveling, this shouldn’t take long. Wipe windows, vacuum, clean out the refrigerator, sanitize the bathroom and dust. Using lemon juice for most of your tasks will leave a nice fresh scent. Leaving fabric softener sheets everywhere not only keeps the trailer smelling nice, it deters critter activity as well.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

For things that are better not stowed on board, make use of large storage containers that only contain the things used when traveling. If you don’t want to leave dishes or a toaster behind, simply put all of the kitchen items in one clearly marked bin rather than add them back to the mix and clutter up your home kitchen.

Eats Meals Al Fresco

Unless the weather outside is frightful, take advantage of it, and eat outdoors. No one likes kitchen mess, and frying hamburgers or bacon inside can leave a greasy film and odor that isn’t easy to get rid of. Enjoy grilling out or cooking over that campfire for some of the messier meals.


Using rugs and doormats that coordinate with your decor can save a lot of wear and tear on your flooring. It’s easy to just shake out the rugs each day. Getting in the habit of removing shoes before entering can also dramatically cut down on the amount of dirt tracked in.


If you have pets that travel with you, try to get them in the habit of knowing where they can go and where they can’t. Protect your upholstery with a rug or cover. Let Fido have his food and water dishes outside so he isn’t sloshing stuff around inside.

Go Through Clothing

If you use your trailer frequently, some basic clothing can be left onboard. Light jackets, sweaters and whatever vacation clothes you usually use when traveling don’t necessarily need to come in.

Use Baskets

A couple of nice decorative baskets are great for catch-all storage for things like books or trinkets picked up along the way.


Don’t forget to wash the outside, giving special care to the awning being clean and dry before rolling back up.

With a little effort, you can protect the resale value of your investment and enjoy stress-free traveling for years to come.

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