Tips For Saving Money While on the Road

Hitting the open road without a care in the world may offer memorable experiences and an unforgettable vacation, but lack of planning can also make the adventure very expensive. A few smart decisions before the departure date may mean a couple or family has enough money left in the budget, to stay an extra day or two at the destination.Route66Road

Visit the Grocery Store

Most families will pack lunches and food for the first day of travel; however, very few people think to visit a grocery store while on the road. Eating out represents a tremendous expense on vacation, and anything at a restaurant is also available at the grocery store.

Get in Touch with your Inner Mechanic

Proper tire pressure has a dramatic impact on fuel economy. The federal government suggests that proper tire pressure may offer an increase of up to 3.3 percent for gas mileage. Additionally, tires that are inflated properly also offer a safer driving experience and the tires will also last longer.

Driving around wasting gas to save money on gas is no longer necessary in today’s internet-connected world. There are smartphone apps that will list gas prices in the vicinity, which means you’ll never need to waste gas to save gas.

Leave the Credit Cards at Home

Going on a vacation with a pocket full of credit cards is a terrible idea. The best way to ensure a budget-friendly vacation is to save money for the trip before it starts. Paying high credit card interest rates for years after a vacation ends may represent hundreds of dollars in fees.

The exception to this rule is a rewards card that offers cash back or special perks related to travel. However, it’s still important to save money before the trip so that the credit card bill may be paid immediately upon returning home so as to avoid potential interest charges.

Make some memories and have some fun on the road instead of paying huge fees for travel with these simple steps to a less expensive vacation.

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