Visiting Roadside Attractions While Out On The Road


You’re planning a long road trip and you want to break up the monotony. You could plan on taking along a few dozen games for the kids, but you might enjoy some roadside attractions more. What could be more entertaining than stopping to see the world’s biggest ball of twine with your Airstream? You laugh now, but your children will be laughing as they tell their friends about their hilarious time viewing the incredible ball of yard and marveling at how it got rolled up and put in place. Even if you aren’t keen on visiting the strange and bizarre, there are plenty of roadside stops that are impressive, humbling and even educational. Here are a few tips on finding them, stopping at them and making the most of these fun little roadside destinations.

Allow Extra Time
Stopping at these little places, like caverns and animal parks, is only entertaining if you have the time for a pit stop. Otherwise, you’re going to be frustrated at the time you’re losing. A single roadside stop can pull anywhere from an hour to an entire day of your time, so plan ahead and pad the schedule.

Take Extra Cash
The tourist traps are there to make a little money, so admission is rarely free. The cost to see something amazing or strange can be $10 a person or more, so take a little extra money along with you. While you’re there, the family will probably want something to eat or a souvenir, and that has you reaching for your wallet. Before you start feeling resentful at the extra expense, remember that the trip is truly half the journey and there are ways to Save Money While On The Road. Today, you’re grumbling about the money dropped at that little hole in the wall, but you’ll look back on the adventure someday and enjoy the fond memories.

Plan the Stops
Roadside attractions are usually advertised on billboards, but that doesn’t mean you want to stop at the last minute. Part of planning for the stop means knowing what’s available. Check out Roadside America or Budget Travel Online to find out what roadside attractions are going to be passed along the way. It’s a chance to let the family have some input into whether they want to stop in Corning, NY, for the Corning Glass Museum or if they’re going to hit the Beer-Can House in Houston. Some of the most amazing sights in the nation started out as humble roadside attractions and grew into massive resorts, like the House on the Rock in Green, Wisconsin.

Once you know where you want to stop, you can plan the budget and calendar around the extra attractions. It will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. You’ll have a chance to stretch your legs, get a bite to eat, and you might even see something memorable that your family will enjoy and laugh about for years to come.

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