Winter Camping with the Airstream Trailer

Camping during the winter can be fun, relaxing and worthwhile. An Airstream can make that trip even more enjoyable by providing you with all the luxuries of home while protecting you from the cold winter weather. An Airstream is a great way to camp during the winter and keep you cozy and warm while you experience the beauty of nature in the winter.

Winter camping can be a great alternative to camping during the rest of the year. There are many activities to do during winter camping that you cannot experience during summer, spring or fall. Ice fishing is one great activity for winter camping. Because the ice needs to be thick enough to support all the necessary weight, it is a good idea to research ice fishing areas before your trip.

A great activity for adults and kids is sledding. Choose a camping location near hills and bring your sled for great family fun. If cross-country skiing sounds fun, choose a location covered with snow. It is a great way to exercise and see the beautiful snow-covered nature around your campground. If you do decide to venture out and do some winter camping in your Airstream here are a few tips for you.

Staying warm in an Airstream…

The  Airstream Trailer provides two wonderful ways to keep you warm during winter. The first method is the gas-powered furnace. It runs on propane and can keep you warm and comfortable during the colder months. Since the furnace is gas powered, it is best for camping, away from any source of electricity. The heat pump uses electricity. It can use an outside source of electricity, so it is often a good option for heating if you have an electrical hook-up.

Being Prepared:

The primary way to prepare for bad weather is to be informed. If you know where you are going, find out what the weather is like there, so you can bring all the necessary items. You will also want to make sure to bring good maps in case you have to find alternate routes. A GPS is also a good item to have, but make sure to have physical paper maps as well, in case the GPS stops working.

Always ensure the tanks are filled: gas, propane and fresh water. Make sure you bring a good first aid kit with you, which includes prescription medications, flashlights, tools, cash as well as normal first aid items. You also want to avoid dangerous areas when choosing where to set up your Airstream during times of possible bad weather. Make sure to pack proper gear and clothing for bad weather. Even if you think you will stay inside the warm Airstream for most of the trip, make sure to bring outside clothing and gear in case of an emergency.

What to do in an Emergency

Before any trip, make sure to be prepared for an emergency. You will want to have a fully stocked first aid kit, proper clothing for different kinds of weather in-case you are stranded outside, fresh water, cash, flashlights and tools. There are many weather emergencies that can occur during winter camping:

Thunder/Lightning/Winds – If the only place you can go is in the Airstream, make sure to stay away from windows to avoid injury from broken glass. Stay inside for about 30 minutes after the storm is over. Unplug electrical equipment.

Flash Flood – If the Airstream is stalled in the flood path, leave your RV and find higher ground. If you are able to stay in your RV, be careful to avoid contaminated water. Stay away from the water and don’t drive through water. The water is most likely contaminated and has a strong current.

Winter Storm – Do not try to walk anywhere because it is easy to get lost during a snow storm. Make sure to keep everyone in dry clothes. If someone is suffering from hypothermia, warm them from the trunk of the body first and use your own body heat to help keep them warm. Do not give them hot beverages.

Whether related to these weather conditions or just other reasons, another common emergency is a power outage. Make sure to pack plenty of food that does not need to be refrigerated, in case the power stays out and food spoils. The best thing, is to properly prepare for an emergency before it occurs. Know the area you are camping and where you can seek shelter or help.

Winter camping can be a great activity, but it can also provide dangers. For most instances, if you properly prepare and plan for your trip, you can avoid or be ready for emergencies and have a wonderful winter camping trip.

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